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  • The Space Race

    The Space Race was an extremely serious race between two Cold War rival powers, the United States and the former USSR, to reach firsts in spaceflight technology. It started as a nuclear arms race between these two countries following World War Two. As the Cold War went on, spaceflight became the key to survival for […]

  • Become an Astronomer

    Astrophysics – The Science of Stars, Galaxies, Planets and Other Celestial Objects Astrophysics is the science that studies galaxies, planets, and stars. It also studies the evolution and origins of the universe. To become an astronomer you need a bachelor’s level degree in science or math, and an advanced degree in physics. You may also […]

  • Transfer an Object

    Magnets are used in the workshop for a variety of purposes. A magnet can be used to transfer an object from one place to another, or a magnet can be used to pull the object back to its original position. Some other uses include turning the magnetic field around itself in order to change the […]

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